What makes Pietanza’s different?

Hello and welcome! Thank you for asking such an important question. To fully understand Pietanza’s and our mission we first have to look behind the curtains of our one and only Chef Vincenzo because without him and his passion none of this would have been possible. Chef Vincenzo was born and raised in Italy. He is a culinary art graduate from Abruzzo, Italy in 1987, who then after devoted all of his life to the art of making great authentic Italian dishes with the freshest ingredients so anyone can enjoy a piece of Italy without actually being there. With over 40 years of experience Chef Vincenzo opened Pietanza’s Pizzorante in January 2007, and has been happily serving the  community, high schools and surrounding towns ever since.



One of our secret weapons… which isn’t really a secret, is family. Pietanza’s has been family owned and operated by a real Italian family since our doors first opened in 2007 by Chef Vincenzo and his two sons and that’s how we plan on keeping it. Family values are important to us, we want every person walking throught our doors to feel like they are family and the first way we accomplish that is by treating everyone like family.

Get In Touch:

Phone: (630) 289-9000

Email: Pietanzaspizza@gmail.com

Address: 1087 West Army Trail Road, Bartlett IL, 60103

Open Daily

Mon. Wed. Thur.  10am- 9:45pm
FridaySaturday 10am-10:45pm
Sunday 11am-8:45pm