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Your Personal Italian Caterer for ALL your Events

Catering Packages Minimum of 25 People-under 20 add $1.00 per person. Plus Sales Tax-15% delivery charge depending on area. Sterno & Rack Set-Up $5.25 each. Paper products $.85 per person-includes forks, knives, napkins, plates, salt & pepper.

Catering Packages Per Person

Mostaccioli, Baked Chicken (bone in), Tossed Salad, Mediterranean Bread, Vesuvio Potatoes $6.49 per person

Most Popular,  Mostaccioli, Baked or Vesuvio Chicken (bone in), Italian Beef or Sausage, Tossed Salad, Mediterranean Bread, Vesuvio Potatoes $8.99 per person

Vesuvio or Baked Chicken (bone in) OR Italian Sausage, Mostaccioli, Mediterranean Bread $4.99 per person

add tossed salad for $1 more per person

Ravioli (Cheese or Meat), Vesuvio or Marsala Chicken (bone in), Tossed Salad, Mediterranean Bread, Roasted Potatoes $7.49 per person

Baked Mostaccioli, Giambotta style Sausage and Peppers, Tossed Salad, Mediterranean Bread, Vesuvio Potatoes $7.99 per person

Country style Rigatoni or Penne Con Pollo, Vesuvio or Marsala Chicken (bone in), Tossed Salad, Mediterranean Bead, Vesuvio Potatoes $7.49 per person

Italian Beef with Sweet & Hot peppers plus Bread, Baked Spaghetti or Mostaccioli, Tossed Salad $5.99 per person


Catering Packages

40 pieces Vesuvio or Baked Chicken (bone in) – Half tray of Mostaccioli – Mediterranean Bread: $62.99

With full tray of pasta: $72.99

Italian Sausage (45 pieces), Giambotta style with Potatoes, Onions, Roasted Pepper and Mushrooms: $75.99

Italian Sausage OR Meatballs Sauce (40-45 pieces) in a Homemade Marinara  $53.99 w/Bread: 59.99

35-40 Pieces Boneless Chicken Parmigiana (No Pasta) – half tray of Orecchiette (Bowl shaped Pasta) – Mediterranean Bread: $59.99   With full tray of Orecchiette: $69.99

35-40 pieces of Italian Sausage – Full tray of Vesuvio potatoes – Two, 1-topping Stadium pizzas: $99.99


Italian Sliced Beef with Au Jus (By The Pound) 10.99 per lb,  with Bread and Peppers add 2.99 per lb.

Trays of Pasta

All Pasta Specialties Available to Compliment Your Gathering


Full Tray serves 20-25, 1/2 Tray serves 8-10

Lasagna: Full Tray $67.99 – Half Tray $33.99

Ravioli Meat or Cheese: Full Tray $53.99 – Half Tray $26.99 

Tortellini: Full Tray $54.99 –  Half Tray $27.99

Fettucini OR Penne Alfredo con Pollo: Full Tray $63.99 – Half Tray $31.99

Stuffed Shells: $61.99

Gnocci: Full Tray $53.99 – Half Tray $26.99

Mostacholli or Rigatoni: Full Tray $39.95 – Half Tray $19.99

Baked Mostaccioli or Baked Rigatoni: Full Tray $46.95 – Half Tray $23.99

Eggplant Parmigiana: Full Tray $54.95 – Half Tray $27.99

Cavatelli Al Frutti Di Mare: Full Tray $69.99 – Half Tray $34.99

Chef Vincenzo’s Special Pastas

Country Style Rigatoni: $47.95

Penne Gianni: $56.95 

Tortellini Rosa: $58.95

Rigatoni Bianco: $56.95


Trays of Boneless Chicken

Chicken Limone: $76

Chicken Marsala: $76

Chicken Vesuvio: $76

Chicken Cacciatore: $76

Chicken Mediterranean: $76

Chicken Con Creama Di Funghi: $76

All trays available in half-tray


Trays of Salad

Tossed Salad: $33.99

Caprese: $48.99

Mediterranean Salad: $49.99

Ceasar Salad: $36.96

Ceasar with Chicken: $46.99

Chef Salad: $46.99

Spinach Salad: $48.99

Vesuvio Potatoes: $31.99

Sandwiches and Cannoli

Mini Artisan Sandwich Platter-choice of chicken with roasted red pepper, tuna salad, ham and cheese, Italian-approx. 24 sandwiches and serves 20-25: $37.99

3ft Italian Sub: $19.99 *24 hour notice needed

Take the Cannoli Plunge! Entice your guests with a tray of old world Cannoli filling surrounded by 36 mini cannoli shells just to plunge and indulge: $29.95


So that we can serve you better, Chef Vincenzo requires a 48 hour notice on all our catering orders. Need a set-up for a party, from chairs to tables and anything else you would need, ask Chef Vincenzo!

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